Light Grooming


  • Cutting nails if needed


  • Warm baths for dogs under 30 pounds (we also offer a variety of shampoos: hypoallergenic, natural organic, non-scented)


  • Grooming for small sized breeds


  • De-matting, for those challenging bad-hair days


  • Brushing


Please be sure to inquire with us about your dog�s needs and prices.




Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland, and Hayward areas are as followed: (*)


One way: $ 12.00


Round trip: (includes pick up/drop off) $ 24.00


* Outside these areas will be an additional cost.


Dog Walking Services


East Bay Paws is now offering home visit dog walks daily!!!!  Our dog walks are from Monday �Friday 8am-4pm and we are open to do Saturdays & Sundays with a 48 hour advanced notice.  Do you have a last minute emergency and can�t walk your dog?  No worries we can handle that too. East Bay Paws will drive to your home, walk your dog for 45 minutes or up to an hour in your neighborhood.



  • Personal one on one walks with your dog �one dog at a time�.
  • Perfect for special needs, shy, timid, aggressive dogs.
  • Perfect for older dogs who like a nice walk alone without the loud and barking noises of other dogs.
  • Perfect for puppies learning to walk on a leash.
    • If you're going away for a short vacation but don�t want to board your dog, we can visit a few times per day to walk your dog so he/she is not alone! (ask about our prices)


    45 minute walks $15.00

    1 hour walks $ 20.00


    * Our employees have been screened for criminal background

       checks and we can provide that information to you upon request.



    East Bay Paws

    Antioch, CA
    (510) 306-1909

    By appointment only.