Dog Boarding / Day Care Client Agreement Form

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Dog Information Sheet

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Neutered / Spayed:     Yes       No
Rabies Tag Number:

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Boarding Dates:
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What kind of food(s) does your dog eat?

When does your dog eat?

Special feeding instructions:


Is your dog on any medications that must be administered? If yes, please describe the medication procedures, including name and dosage.


Does your dog have a favorite game?

Does your dog have favorite hiding places?

Does your dog need a special harness or choke collar for walks?


Please answer the following brief questionnaire about your dog. It will help us to better care for him/her.

Is friendly with other dogs?       Yes            No
Likes new adults?       Yes           No

Likes children?       Yes            No

Must stay on leash during walks?       Yes            No

Is allowed in house?       Yes            No

Is allowed to have treats?       Yes            No

Is prone to digging?       Yes            No

Is prone to chewing?       Yes           No

Is fearful of noise or other things?       Yes            No

Obeys basic command?       Yes            No

Has bitten people or other dogs?
       yes            No

Has shown other aggression?
       Yes            No

Please indicate anything else about your dog's habits or
behavior that would be useful to us in providing better care:

PLEASE NOTE:  Please make sure to read our Policy Statement for more information. Dog(s) must be picked
                          up at the same time they were dropped off. If for some reason you will be late picking him/her
                          up, please give us a call. We do charge $10 for every hour missed.

I agree that I have requested that East Bay Paws take care of my pet. I agree to
pay the charges accrued for the services provided. Payment is due upon first day
of drop off. We do accept personal checks, cash and PayPal for credit cards.